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Jackie Harlow

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Jackie Harlow

Jackie brings a passion for life, a love for people, and a tenacious approach to her real estate clients and business. She absolutely loves what she does and the people she feels privileged to work with every day. Building relationships is her top priority and most of her clients have become life-long friends. Jackie loves to be a resource to help others build relationships as well, using her connections – both personal and professional – to bring people together.

Jackie also has an insatiable desire for personal growth and learning new things. She finds great joy in helping others do the same, whether in general aspects of life or in real estate. Drawing upon life experiences and knowledge, she loves to teach and educate those around her, and to provide an upfront straightforward approach, especially when it comes to assessing risks and benefits.

While Jackie takes her job very seriously, she also loves to laugh and make others laugh. She has a gift for making light of most challenges and her goal is for each transaction to not only be successful but also fun. Jackie’s thoughtful, creative, and loving personality puts people at ease, and her commitment to excellence ensures that her clients have the best possible experience.

On her own since she was 18, Jackie is powered by a strong faith, energy, and independence that have allowed her to persevere and rise above difficult circumstances. No matter the situation, Jackie finds a way through. She has lived in Colorado since 1999 and has a number of family connections and roots in the beautiful state, some of whom she didn’t even know she had.

When not operating at top speed to successfully close deals and have loads of fun doing it, you will either find Jackie spending time with friends and family, or making her way to a quiet place, preferably with a view, a cup of tea in hand, taking in the peace and tranquility of the moment . . . her favorite way to recharge. She also has a fine arts degree with an emphasis in photography from Metro State College of Denver and loves to get behind her camera whenever she can to capture her favorite places and people.

Every day, Jackie strives to inspire and coach those around her. She wants to not only change peoples’ lives but also make a difference in them, and believes real estate gives her wonderful opportunities to do just that. Her ultimate goal, however, is to be someone her family – her pride and joy – looks up to and is inspired by, and will someday follow in her footsteps.

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